just order a package from page Pricing & Packages, then you will receive an activation E-mail with account login info
after first login you will see under account page the IP:PORT for Proxies Gateway and your access IP(Default is the IP at the registration time),
you can change your access IP at any time but the changes in our Gateway access will be active within 15 minutes after changes.
if you have a dynamic IP Addresss we advice you to use a free DNS service like http://www.duckdns.org/ or http://www.noip.com/ and use your dns name in place of IP address as access IP for our Services, in this way our Gateway will be notified when your ip changes and you don't need to change it manually.
we offer Weekly , monthy, 3 months, 6 months and yearly subscriptions and more the subscription has bigger period more you get deduction, you can check the pricing list under Pricing & Packages.
We accept Credit Card like VisaCard, BitCoins and Paypal payments.
Sure, you can unsubscribe at anytime and you can do that after you login from account page, just click in the unsubscribe button.

Proxies FAQ's

1: Go to Tools > Options
2: Click on Network > Settings
3: In the Connection Settings window, click on Manual proxy configuration.
4: Enter the IP and Port of Gateway in HTTP Proxy and SSL Proxy field
5: Click Ok, then try to browse.
1: Go to Tools> Internet Options
2: New w indow will appear, click on Connections > LAN Settings
3: On Proxy server, click “Use a proxy server for your LAN”.
4: Click "Advanced".
5: Enter the IP and Port of Gateway.
6: Check “use the same proxy server for all protocols”.
7: Click Ok. then try to browse.
1: in Chrome type or copy this url: chrome://settings/search#proxy
2: under Network click on Change proxy settings
3: Click on LAN settings
4:On Proxy server, click “Use a proxy server for your LAN”.
5: Click "Advanced".
6: Enter the IP and Port of Gateway.
7: Check “use the same proxy server for all protocols”.
8: Click Ok. then try to browse
in the proxies settings of your seo tools just set the iP address and Port of the US/EU Gateway that you ordered and adjust the number of threads in your tool, we advice you not to exceed 50 Threads for google Crawling and 250 Threads as total in your tool, every thread in your tool will be processed with separate proxies that's how is working our IP Rotation behind the Gateway
like that you will get better result and our proxies will not get banned(although we refresh the IPs of our proxies every hour).